Skitter Pop Bad Pig

Pig-poppin’ action! The loud surface popping action makes the fish want to smash the Skitter Pop Bad Pig. With its unique loud popping, cupped plastic lip and its balsa wood body, the Skitter Pop Bad Pig can be fished in a variety of methods when fish are surface feeding.


When fish are aggressive or busting bait, use the “skitter” technique. This is a retrieve with a steady cadence (either slow or fast) while pumping the rod tip, creating a stop and start spitting commotion imitating a fleeing or wounded baitfish. Another technique is popping the lure. This is done by giving the lure a sharp jerk and letting the lure rest while reeling in the slack. The lure will spit water quite a distance using this approach.

A third technique is twitching. Cast the Skitter Pop Bad Pig out, letting the water calm and then twitch the lure on the surface. This will imitate a wounded baitfish or frog struggling. If you let the line go slack between twitches the lure will offer a side to side action as well. Keep the rod tip down for subtle presentation. For more commotion and an aggressive presentation, keep the rod tip up on the first half or the retrieve, then down for the last half to keep the lure from popping out of the water.