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Ice fishing, perhaps more than any other outdoors pursuit, is founded on a system of unique components. These include drills, shelters, rods, reels, combos, clothing and accessories. Offering superior products developed specifically for the hard water season, you can rest assured that with Rapala, you’ll attain both enjoyment and success on the ice.


Rapala lures have been the choice of fishermen since 1936. It’s that wiggle fish just can’t resist and the famous “wounded minnow” action that sends them crazy. Tie one on and experience the success first-hand, and you will see why Rapala continues to be one cast ahead of the school and will forever be setting the standards by which all others are compared.

Strengthen your chances. Fish with what the pros are fishing with, and fish with the lures that hold the world record, for world records… Rapala.


With more jackets, pants, gloves, vests, hats, waders and clothing accessories than you can physically fit on your body – Rapala has you covered, in any situation…

Rapala’s focus has always been towards premium gear, and our range of clothing and floatation perfectly reflects this devotion to quality; and when safety comes into the equation, you can rest assured that the same dedication to function, reliability and durability has been executed within the Rapala ProWear Floatation series.


Look the part and support your brand at work, on vacation… but most importantly on the water. Rapala offers a premium selection of luggage, bag and pack options that are sure to satisfy the appetites of even the most discerning anglers.

In terms of practicality… there is no better; with every option and every on water possibility taken into consideration when developing our ranges of general, tackle and specialty bags.


With an unwavering commitment to functionality and a true sense of design, Rapala sunglasses are the number one choice for serious anglers; delivering true optical performance without compromise.

Whether the preference is plastic or metal frames, there is a model in the Rapala stable that will suit your needs. Polarized lenses, 100% UV protection delivering polarization levels of up to 99%, and an exceptional level of underwater vision are just some of the features synonymous with this series of eyewear.

See what you’ve been missing, with Rapala sunglasses.


The Finnish are traditional hunters and gatherers, with hundreds of years of experience developing knives suited to a particular purpose; and with that anglers all over the world have grown to trust the quality and design of Rapala knives.

Knives are an essential piece of equipment for any angler, whether they are fishing for food or not; they serve a purpose as a general tool for cutting all manner of things during a day’s fishing, and also as a safety device should a situation arise where a quality knife is needed.

Today, Rapala’s comprehensive collection of knives offers anglers and outdoorsmen just the right tool to match the job, big or small.


There are many items which fall under the Rapala tools banner; from pliers and scissors, to torches and scales… plus much more; though the only thing you really need to remember is if you buy Rapala, you buy quality.

Tools are daily essentials; they help us tie our Rapala lure to our fishing line; they weigh our fish; they land fish and take the hooks out; and tools are often employed to assist with everything else that general fishing equipment is not designed to do.

At Rapala if we have found a need, we have created the right tool for the job!


Rapala Angry Birds products are engaging and provide beginners with an easy way to learn fishing. The product family includes lures, key rings, fishing combos, pole fishing rods, float sets, lure boxes, and fishing tackle bags.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer lure fishing or enjoy bait fishing with a float set –we have the Angry Birds gear that will suit your needs.